AOC Light ?

Councilor Bencomo,

I am baffled as to why in most every Council meeting you attempt to make it appear that you are riding atop the float in the same parade as the former slaves of our nation. Is your own heritage that embarrassing that you need someone else’s recognition to align with? As the Hispanic population gains a larger and larger prosperous foothold in America and them having no way to be shamed into feeling any connection to that history the whole black issue will just become a moot point in our history. Maybe personal recognition is your reason to fan their flame? Are you trying to impress someone because I feel it just further shows your inability to represent the demography of Las Cruces coming off as pathetically anti white and anti brown.

Are you ever going to actually take a stand for the Hispanic business owners that Mr Kincaid was making reference to regarding their loss of the right to respect of private property and the loss of the ability to operate a business that they trusted this Council to protect? Maybe you will finally take a stand when a black business owner (do we have any) has windows broken, is robbed and feces spread on their sidewalk and business.

Is your place of residence your private property or do you reside in government housing? Based on your apparent perspective, I assume the latter.

Rob Wood


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