Authority of NMPED over local School boards NMAC

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Subject: Re: Authority of NMPED over local School boards NMAC
Thank you, Michael. I agree that local lead government is best and our local school boards should have more oversight of their community schools than PED. The question is, do our school boards believe that? I encourage you to share this information with New Mexico School Boards Association and any boards that are willing to stand with us to make change. On another note, I have connected with Senator Bill Burt, who has included your suggestion to remove the sunset on military benefits into his bill. Thank you always for staying engaged! 
Crystal R Diamond

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To: Crystal Diamond <[email protected]>; Dow, Rebecca <[email protected]>; John Billingsley <[email protected]>
Subject: Authority of NMPED over local School boards NMAC 

Legislative issue concerning NMAC

Senator Crystal Diamond, Ms. Rebecca Dow                                         January 6, 2023

Dear Senator Diamond,

Here I am again with more Legislative issues for you to pursue.  In looking at NMAC I find that the NMPED has stated as the Objective : “ This rule establishes the process for suspending the authority of local school boards for failing to attain and maintain the requirements of law, standards, or rules of the department as a final step following notice from the department of disapproval or failure to meet requirements and attempts to resolve in accordance with 6.30.6 NMAC”

To me, that tells an ELECTED School Board they do not have authority to do what their Constituents want them to do but have to be afraid of, and cow tow to the Thumb that the NMPED has put on each duly Elected School Board.  We can’t have an entity up in Santa Fe dictating to “WE THE PEOPLE” ,who elected members to our school board,  what we want our School Board to do.  We can’t allow an Appointed Secretary of the Public Education Department to be able to override the WILL of the People.  Each School Board needs to be an autonomous School Board accountable to the people in their community to enact policies that the people who elected them agree to. 

In the case of policy JBC and JBD in Dona Ana County, the people have been against those policies but because the School Board has been afraid of being Suspended those policies were implemented against the will of the majority who have time and time again told the School Board that they did not want these policies implemented.  These are socialist policies pressed forth by the NMPED against the WILL of the PEOPLE and this is intolerable and unacceptable.

What I suggest is that NMAC be rescinded and take the Authority away from the NMPED to dictate their wants over the wants and needs of the local population who duly Elected their School Board members to do what was best for their School District.

Can you help in this accord because this is just plain WRONG. 

Thank you,

Michael Potts,
Citizen at Large,
Dona Ana County


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