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Subject: bail, hr5346, 30/30, yvette, relig-ngo’s ^ A top-twenty repeat-offenders list between 1/21 and 9/22 shows that – – –
The top 2 offenders have been charged 63 times!; the third 56 times!The offenses are; trespassing, assault, drugs, vandalism, indecent exposure, shoplifting and weapons charges.Judge Joy Goldbaum is releasing most of these repeat offenders as she only focusing on felonies and not misdemeanors.(Councilwoman bencomo also supports this).They also classify these dangerous vagrants crimes as “misdemeanors”, NOT felonies!.MOST of these offenders are from the 999 amador health/food complex!They get free food and health care and still behave as ingrates.And that “mental-illness” swan song is NO EXCUSE!!!!And should not be, anymore!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In the 12/5/22 city meeting,the mayor mentioned that two conditions have to be met before judges incarcerate the perpetrators.1, flight-risk; and 2, being a danger to society; (defined by a long list of points).He goes on saying that the state legislature needs to add wording to the state bail-reform bill-law;”as the courts may determine”;This allows the freedom to still maintain the flight-risk and to society or as to courts may determine.
Sounds simple, but this is enough for the judges to not circumvent the law and still be in the confines of it.The mayor says that he will try to work with the state (legislature) on this.We must make sure he does and is fully sincere on this; as well as many patriots must be focused on this too.Pre-Legislative meetings are going on now and till the end of the week;so now and during the actual legislation, we need to stay focused on them.If we fail to improve on this issue in sante fe, then crime will get even worse.(But how about just repealing the original bail-reform law of 2 years ago and just go back to the laws we had before it?Why tweak a horrible law while all we have to do is retract it?I know, they wont be hip and cool to impress their leftist friends in the major markets).~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(Via search) – – – If the judge believes the person may flee rather than returning to court when required, a higher amount of bail may be set, or bail may be denied altogether. However, if the person is considered a low flight-risk, bail may be lower, or a person may even be released on their own recognizance without having to post bail.
      …. The new bill HR5346, “the dhs securing our agriculture and food act”. Its about controlling our staples.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NM Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s “30 by 30” program to force at least 30 percent of public land into public “conservation” by the year 2030.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Yvette to be guest speaker at a $100- state gop dinner soon.How is it that shes “in like flynn again” for the next election all while she ditched her supporters of yet another stolen election, and all while their were those who were still contesting the results for her as she sped off and congradulated stealer gabe?How about a new contender be selected in the next primary?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Downtown WellsFargo and EP electric offices to close; Feb & March.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NGO religions – Its all about scammed profits; bug bucks for all except for the naive volunteers.And they always take donations from the public to make us believe all is supported by the public but is NOT.Its all a screen at the cost of the naive public. Wake up folks.(bush started all this with his faith-based initiative bill).http://


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