Banning AR15s in NM ??

Rep Matthews and Mr Baron 
[email protected]

We are advocating for a total ban on the sale of assault rifles in New Mexico for the reasons set forth above, but at a minimum we should prohibit those younger than 21 from being able to purchase or possess these weapons.

Your article very conveniently left out the “normalization” of taking or terminating life.  You go for removing or banning AR 15s which is politically expedient.  No mention of trying to change people’s hearts through faith or spiritual healing.  Your approach is a typical government solution. 
Until you advocate for change to how we view life, all life, where you can terminate life at will through “reproductive health” but “weep” when innocent 7 year olds are terminated, you will fail with your proposals. 
I understand that advocating for “all life” is not politically expedient for you and many others, but you cant have it both ways.  
Murder two days before birth is a “choice and a “right”  but taking a life a day after birth is “murder”.  How do you reconcile ?
So start with the basics.  Celebrate ALL life. And you will see change…..
Thank you
​Juan D Garcia


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