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Hello All,
Based on a suggestion from a friend, I have set up a GoFundMe page to promote the sign on Valley. This friend, who prefers to remain anonymous, indicated he had a mailing list of some 50 correspondents who might be interested in supporting this campaign. The address for the campaign at GoFundMe is,

As I mention in the description of the campaign objectives at this site, depending on how many and how much folks are willing to give to support this, I can work with the people at Lindmark to include additional signs elsewhere in the state.

To those in the legislature, this sign is currently set up approximately 3 blocks away from where Nathan Small is said to live, a sponsor of the Clean Energy Future act in this latest legislative session. This law is designed to take away from New Mexicans any access to gasoline, diesel, and natural gas over the next couple of decades. This is JUST WRONG. It especially will ride on top of his previously passed legislation of the Energy Transition act which blocks access to New Mexico of reliable nuclear power coming from the Palo Verde nuclear facility in Arizona.

Regards,Dave Tofsted


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