best to be at the bottom

The Benefits of Being Last

This exactly describes the NMPED and the funding our school board works to attract.
From the Manhattan Contrarian article by Francis Menton, 

The Food Insecurity Scam Is Even Worse Than The Poverty Scam “In the great bureaucratic tradition, the failure of the big spending increase to ameliorate the problem will be used by the agency to demand another round of increases in spending and staff. This time, they will argue, the increase in spending will work. The way to succeed in your main goal — which is growing your budget and staff — is to fail, and the more spectacularly the better.” I notice nothing is being said in Las Cruces about our community schools? We have 5. Are they the neighorhood welfare department with educational dollars being used to support them? Why isn’t educational outcome proficiency front and center in any of the education discussions? Why, because the majority are unwilling to upset the daycare and guaranteed employment applecart their family and neighbors depend on. Adequately preparing children is not even on the list of complaints.


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