Better feelings for Animals than Humans ?

Juan, et All
After attending GO bond meetings in the past and the pet introduction at the beginning of the Council meetings there is far more concern by the public for animals than humans. From my observation, the voting public that attended those GO bond meetings, and I am sure voted, we’re far more concerned about adequate animal facilities from stray animal shelters to dog parks (with lighting) than homeless care, housing and property crime. These are of course important but from the past do not get people to the polls as they figure it is a police responsibility. I am not a big animal lover but the fact that our residents are getting more and more vocal about the number of strays they put to death (do not use the word euthanize) and the tooting their horn over Council dumping money into Casa de Peregrinos and other such homeless amenities like low income housing tugs on far fewer heartstrings than equity for  innocent abandoned animals. 


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