Biden’s Latest Delusional Chock-Full-Of-Lies Speech needs a response

Good Morning,
I am sending this letter out to practically everyone on my email listing. Yet in doing so, I came across the names of a number of good people who have now died within the past few years. Among them…
Betty Bishop, former chair of the Dona Ana Republican Party and HD35 candidate
Jerry Clark, an early backer of the Las Cruces Tea Party
Sharon Noe
Meyer Stahl, pastor
Radon Loveland, fellow researcher at White Sands

All of these were good conservatives who will be greatly missed.

I write this today because I know that the 2022 election will be concluding in just a couple of weeks. What we know is that I’m sure that both parties are desperately trying to get out their voters to the polls. Yet many conservatives wait until the day of the election to actually go out to vote.

I urge you to not wait. There are several reasons for this. For one, we have seen instances where voters find that someone has already requested their ballot by absentee and voted for them, and now they only receive a “provisional” ballot that will be thrown out. Voting early, in person, avoids this possibility. It also means that resources are not spent on individuals who are planning to vote anyway. Voting early avoids these vote hunting costs.

Why is voting in THIS election so vitally important? Need we even ask this when we have such a delusional and insane President who is claimin that gas prices were $5.00 a gallon when he took office?
A win by a person like Gabe Vasquez, Nathan Small, and myriad other Democrats will provide just another rubber stamp for people like Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and Michell Lujan Grisham (MLG) and their insane plans for this country, with an anti-gun, pro-abortion, pro-LGBT, anti-gas, and anti-oil schemes, and especially the Green nightmare they are planning for America.
I’m particularly concerned with MLG’s plans to eliminate all combustion engine car, truck, and SUV sales in NM starting in 2026. Also her assault on the oil and gas industry through her abusive methane regulations. And her plan to control our children starting at age 3.

It is vital that every conservative, including conservative Democrats, vote out MLG and her lock-step followers who are destroying our state.
Dave Tofsted


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