Bill to Ban CRT in NM (HB 91)

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As a state lawmaker, and the current Republican front-runner for Governor, I’ve heard from countless parents who are in disbelief over the overtly racist and oppressive curriculums being forced on their children.

Today, I filed legislation to fight back against it…

The bill I’ve introduced, HB 91 would BAN the teaching of Critical Race Theory in New Mexico’s public schools. 

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of MLG and her administration’s educational power grab, and I’m not backing down until we put the power back in the hands of parents.

Today, I’m asking for your commitment to support me in this fight. As a mother, a child advocate, and an expert in education, I am deeply concerned for our students who are being exposed to this twisted narrative that shames and divides them.Sign the Pledge to Help BAN Critical Race Theory >>>
MLG and the New Mexico Department of Education have fully embraced Critical Race Theory, pushing a curriculum that teaches our kids that the color of their skin is more important than their character and that one race is inherently racist and oppressive.

There are too many typical politicians who want to criticize but won’t stand up and do anything. I will fight to champion for truth and rationale free from political bias to be brought back to our classrooms, and I hope to have you standing with me.

Add your name and we will keep you informed as the bill progresses through committee. 

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