Billy the Kid Festival, front page LC Sun-News Feb. 14

Good morning Ms. Romero and Ms. Onsurez:  I want to applaud you for writing an insightful and positive article on this Festival, and especially of the Dona Ana County Historical Society.
It is a stunning reversal of the impossibly cruel treatment of the Historical Society by the LC City Council on July 15, 2019, during the renaming of Motel Blvd to Pat Garrett Blvd mtg.The Las Cruces Bulletin and the Sun-News, in editorials, supported this attack on our citizens and our history.  Citizens soon called out the Council in editorials, see attached.  
But good came out of it, it led me to discover the fraud and deceit of the Ethnic Studies rhetoric that Councilor Vazquez and Flores employed that day (thinly veiled anti-white).  Shockingly, we found that Las Cruces Public Schools installed this pedagogy in Jan. 2019, and that’s why we’re working every day to get it out.  
V/RRick Reynaud575-312-0439


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