Books at LCPS

3/7/22 –  Went to Las Cruces Public Schools book distribution dept to review the new books ready to be dispersed to the students at all the schools.Patriots are going to the facility to inspect the books via political correctness and indoctrination content in the books.And indeed these books have alot of PC indoctrination, diversity scattered through out the pages.Now, with so many books to look at and monitor, many more of us will have to go the place to pick up on things we all cant do on our own.Check in with the receptionist on your right, then proceed to the doors on your left, go right and youll see all the books.At the first table to your right as soon as you walk in the room, I noticed a book on literacy;goto page 406; it talks about how cruel it is that the team names of the Cleveland Indians and Atlanta Braves have such offensive names (to the effect).Same book section, see a grammar practice guide-book- grade 7, on page 77, goes on and on about mosques and what goes on inside of them.I would estimate half the books in the room were in spanish, for all grades.On the round table to your left is a book on culture (didnt get cover-name)  ……It talks alot about immigrants and how wonderful they are and that the u.s is a country of immigrants; (“not” saying “many” immigrants).”My Perspectives” books by SAVAS were numerous. They have alot to due with many novels being available for the students to read.It reviews these books, in doing so, you can see the snowflakey PC diversity indoctrinations in all of them.”My Perspectives” for grade 8 is a very thick book;i would say roughly half of it has to do with Anne Frank,, nazis and MAUS with its creepy mouse cartoons about the nazis and camps.No mention anywhere about Stalin, Mao, PolPot, Mussilini, Franco, Castro, nor Stalins Holodomor either.The “reading” booklets are all full of divesrity and PC as well.Basically it looks like that there are two major publishers that produce all of this; and savvas.comGo there, and you will find and learn so much more. Get there well before 4pm.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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