BTNM: 3 Important Items

1) Election Integrity SummitThe Election Integrity Network is hosting a summit Wednesday, October 19! Let’s encourage all voters to be informed about our local election systems. Carla Sonntag will be presenting at this event! Includes lunch. Please invite your members/followers and register here >>

2) Approval of New Leaders:

Here is a list of potential new leaders invited to our intro call on October 20. Please let me know ASAP if you have a problem with any of them joining our awesome BTNM Leaders team.

  • Rhona Espinosa – Greater Belen Chamber of Commerce
  • Rick Carbajal – National Day of Prayer NM Director
  • Joseph Baca – Young Republicans, College Republicans
  • Margarite Jaramillo – Concerned Women for America Director NM
  • Barney Carbajal – Christians United for Israel NM Director
  • Leanna Derrick – concerned citizen

3) Week of Action to vote MLG out!
We’re calling next week the Week of Action (October 22-30), and it’s a HUGE push to get everyone to the polls to vote MLG out of office. Learn all about it inside the Leaders’ Portal in a document called “Dear Leaders” >>

Remember that we are on our way to WINNING this election. Encourage your people to GO VOTE OUT MLG. Thank you all for everything you do to save our state.

You are appreciated!

Cindi Runyon


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