BTNM Leaders: Urgent HB4 Action Needed!

Hello Leaders!
First – read and then share this info to get people to participate.HB4 – the so-called ‘Voting Rights Protection’ Bill is being voted on at 8:30 AM Friday!  If we lose the ability to secure our elections…we lose everything. 
URGENT: This is what we need to defeat the bill: 

HB4 is far worse than anything we’ve seen before. It allows convicted felons to vote immediately upon release (even if still on parole), mandates increased use of drop boxes, and creates a permanent absentee voter list, completely eroding secure and verifiable absentee voting practices. This bill mandates any state agency, such as the DMV or Human Services Department to automatically register New Mexicans who interact with a state agency –without their consent. And so much more…

Here is the Take Action Page to send for the rest of the CTAs. Act quickly. Thank you.

God be with us,Cindi RunyonDevelopment Director
Better Together New Mexico


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