BTNM: Legislative Update + Committee Changes

Hello Leaders!
Thank you so much to all of you who attended and to the rest of you who were working hard in some other capacity at that time. Please pray for the many who are sick right now as well!
1. Former State Rep Rebecca Dow: We are grateful for Rebecca taking a few minutes with us. Coming from the Republican Caucus, she gave us a pep talk and a thank you for all the work we are doing. 2. While we know the other side has greater numbers in office, we take encouragement from the large numbers of people we are seeing in action around the state. Your efforts are noticed by both sides, so keep up the great work!
3. These bills have switched committees, so feel free to tell your people to fill them out again. The emails will go directly to the next committee to hear the bill.

4. Next Meeting is at Noon, Wednesday, February 15. Zoom info below. See you then!


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