Buffer zone for dispensaries

Ms Flores, I saw recently that the city council will be considering dropping the wording in the ordinance that specifies a 300 foot distance from any cannabis dispensary to the nearest single family dwelling. I do hope that you will oppose this measure. I have nothing against legal cannabis- as a Libertarian I support legalization of all drugs under certain circumstances. (That is a different discussion. ) I have a medical card and am a customer of the Purlife dispensary for pain and sleep issues .   However, I grew up in the ‘60s and saw many of my friends get into trouble as young people with the social freedoms of that era. My own brother developed a drug and alcohol problem and died at 39. Studies have shown that the closer dispensaries are located to residential neighborhoods that higher exposure of children in those areas to drugs. Let adults do what they want to ( within legal limits) but the city council should think about the dangers to our children. Instead of removing the restrictions from single family homes and neighborhoods you should add multiple family dwellings to the 300 ft. restrictions.
    Marijuana dispensaries are business but don’t create a sustainable economy. Perhaps the council should consider that when they want to push more dispensaries into our city.    Thank you, Jody Kincaid DVM ND


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