SB180 is still in the Judiciary Committee – please send another email!!!

Yesterday brought encouragement and some great information from our leaders. Matt Garcia-Sierra brought an excellent review from the Republican Caucus. Carla Sonntag informed us about what’s happening in Santa Fe and how the next few weeks are going to look. Jodi Hendricks reviewed HB 7 and other family-affecting bills. Steven White brought us details on the giant list of gun control bills sweeping through committees. And Myles Culbertson rounded out the hour with the details of SJR 5 and why the Convention of States resolution needs to be put on the Senate schedule. 

  1. Please find the details of these updates attached and on the Leaders Portal here: Let me know if you need the access code.
  2. As bills move to new committees or the house floor, they will be updated on the Take Action page, so you can easily find new ones and those that need to be sent again.
  3. Here are the names of a few potential leaders who need to be approved. If you know any reason why these should not join our BTNM leaders group, please let me know. Feel free to share good information as well!
  • Elisa Martinez – NM Alliance for Life
  • Cathy Murphy – Mogollon Mountain Gun Club
  • Kathy Gunn – Moms for Liberty

Please keep your FRIENDS updated with new Calls to Action, and let ME know how I can help.

Joan E. Scherer, CPC, QPA, QKC, QKA, ERPA


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