Call to Action: Stop WHO Threat to U.S. & Global Sovereignty

Dear New Mexicans,

We know you may have seen this information already. However, we feel it is SO IMPORTANT that we all take action before the deadline of MAY 22 that we are sending this off to you from the New Mexico Freedoms Alliance.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is considering amendments to International Health Regulations (IHR) which would allow the WHO to declare public health emergencies, decide what constitutes a “pandemic,” and impose quarantine measures on a global scale. 

The IHR amendments would also give WHO control of the development and safety of new treatments and the authority to decide vaccine mandates for each country. 

These Amendments were proposed by the Biden Administration. If implemented, they could greatly affect the rights of all Americans – as well as people all over the world – during future pandemics, or in any situation the WHO decides is a “public health emergency.”



There are two ways you can help stop these WHO Amendments:

  1. Contact your Federal elected officials (including the President as well as your Senator and Representative). Contact info for the President and HHS are in the graphic below. You can find your elected Senator and Representative here:
  2. EASY ACTION – Submit a comment to the Health and Human Services Office of Global Affairs here:


For more information about the WHO’s proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations, go here:


Standing with you in solidarity,

Sarah, Melanie, and Karen

New Mexico Freedoms Alliance

National Coalition for Health Integrity


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