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 The city of Las Cruces City Council’s ordinances only deals with misdemeanors and not felonies. Furthermore, the city judges cannot issue bonds on alleged perpetrators like they did a few years back, thus the reason for increased crime in my opinion.

State Representatives and State Senators make the laws and can relax the requirements of the “Arnold Law” which dictates how to place a bond when someone is arrested. I WAS a supporter of Senator Joseph Cervantes, but no more, I believe he is standing squarely in front of any substantive change that would directly reduce crime both here in our city and state.

I know this is a lot to read, but this is extremely important!


Thanks to Joe Monahan’s blog ( for these articles, without him, the newspapers would never cover this! Senator Cervantes, your city and your state needs for you to have this conversation, we can’t wait another year. You were elected by the people, for the people, please listen to the people.

Are you seeing an increase in crime? How often do you hear that the Judges’ hands “are tied”. The police arrest the person(s), the District Attorney brings the charges against the person(s), and the judges decide when to hold someone or release that person(s) when arrested. Our state senators and state representatives make the laws for the state, county and city to follow. 

Now is the time to let your senators and representatives know you want a change made at the state level to allow Judges the discretion whether to hold or let someone released when arrested. JUDGES DO NOT HAVE THE POWER TO KEEP DANGEROUS OFFENDERS OFF THE STREET as Senator Cervantes claims!

This is what Senator Cervantes said earlier this month to the Las Cruces Bulletin:

I want to take a paragraph out of the Las Cruces Bulletin. In this paper, they quote State Senator Joseph Cervantes. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“State Sen. Joseph Cervantes, a Las Cruces attorney who is chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee said the 2016 amendment gives “a higher priority to civil liberties at the expense of public safety.” 

“Look at the title of the amendment,” Cervantes told the Bulletin (12/29/22). The title is “Proposing an amendment … to protect community safety by granting courts new authority to deny release on bail pending trial for dangerous defendants in felony cases while retaining the right to pretrial release for non-dangerous defendants who do not pose a flight risk.”

“The suggested purpose of the amendment was to “incarcerate dangerous individuals,” Cervantes said, but that has not been “the most consequential outcome.” 

The legislature will continue to “have a role” in bail reform, Cervantes said, (WHEN?), but it likely will require another constitutional amendment approved by voters to change the 2016 amendment. “I have had a chance to visit with the mayor several times, and I know he’s very concerned,” Cervantes said”

If you believe the citizens of New Mexico should have a conversation on what changes are available when it comes to the “Bail Reform Act”, below are the members of the committee. Please call or email them with your concerns! Show him this post!

NM State Senate Judiciary Committee:

Sen. Joseph Cervantes 

[email protected] , Ph:505-986-4861 

Sen. Katy M. Duhigg

[email protected] , Phone: 505-986-4726 

Sen. Cliff R. Pirtle

[email protected] , Phone: 505-986-4369 

Sen. Daniel A. Ivey-Soto

[email protected] , Ph: 505-986-4270

Sen. Mark Moores

[email protected] , Ph: 505-986-4856

Sen. Bill B. O’Neill

[email protected] , Ph:505-986-4260

Sen. Mimi Stewart 

[email protected] , Phone: 505-986-4734

Sen. Peter Wirth

[email protected] , Phone: 505-986-4727

I hope you don’t mind if I show this email to others in hopes they will rise to the occasion and let these state senators know that we are fed up with crime and their paid studies showing the opposite to bail reform amendments. Please copy me if and when you decide to send a copy to any of this senators.  Please start with Senator Cervantes and tell him to open his committee to bail reform amendments!!


Ken Miyagishima


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