Campaign Financing

Campaign Financing I am so fed up with all the requests I get to fund political ad campaigns. The money spent on these efforts should be an embarrassment to all not only because of the amounts but by the fact the we have become so uninformed that we can only make decisions based on a bombarded of 30 second ad bites on all media platforms and mail boxes stuffed with fliers. The state of America is a direct result of its citizenry refusing to do what the founders of our nation did, read books on a multitude of relevant subjects that provided them with knowledge they then used to design our nation. Our education system is partly to blame because for 100 years it has been the method of standardizing workers and indoctrination and not one of inquiry and discussion as our founders felt so important. We were sent to school and send our children to school not to learn how to think but to learn what to think. This is nothing new especially as I listen to many complaining about our nations state and then they defend the education they, their parents and their grandparents got. That 100 year old method has delivered us into the reality of now. It’s not the liberals or anyone else, it is sheer laziness of our citizens. If America is so dumb that they have to rely on ads and yard signs to make decisions there is little hope for us. As a starter, I suggest Dinesh D’Souza’s “What’s So Great About America“ to jog ones mind as too what is the direction we need to be creating. America is a land of creation and opportunity which is what made us the most advanced and respected nation in the world. We are founded on freedom of thought and individualism which are both beat out of us beginning with that first day one enters those doors of a school. We are where we are because this standard, no matter how damaging to our nations founding principals, has been perpetuated now for over a century with no meaningful change in sight. Why? Because everyone hates change. Where a person or a nation will be in the next five years depends on just two things, what we read and who we associate with. One would think that to be common sense but as is said, Common Sense is not common. We have been trained to react and not to think. Read a book and be informed. Rob Wood


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