Campaigning – Sale Yourself

Campaigning Campaigning is nothing more than good salesmanship. If one does not like to sell they should not run for an office. The question keeps coming up regarding why we cannot motivate voters. It totally has to do with who offers the best sales pitch. First and foremost one must extract from the voter what “they” want and then ensure them that you will give it to them. That is salesmanship 101. What I keep seeing is that if one cannot quickly extract that information the candidate goes into trying to tell them what they, the voter, “should” want and may get them to agree but that obviously does not get them to the pols because the motivation was the candidates, not the voters. When that door closed that voter went back to taking care of kids, making their shopping list or unpausing the tv show they were watching completely forgetting what was said because it was not about their wants and needs. As far as the Democrats consistency in winning they already know what the voters want which is not to be bothered thus they get easily reelect or voted in because that candidate ensured them that that is what they would provide. That is simply a fact of life. Most people are lazy which is just a flaw in the modern spoiled state of a prosperous nation, so they do not want to make decisions on their own thus rely on the car, tv, or furniture salesperson whether it be in an ad, a tv commercial or in person to simplify their selection process so they do not have to think so much about it. Post last local election where we had a lot of local candidates they all said that they door knocking and calling support was awesome. However, when all was said and done few of those people voted. Why, because they did not have personal ownership of what the candidate was offering. There are many good books on salesmanship. An old one I found helpful in understanding this subject was “How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling” by Bettger. It is more specific to the insurance industry but selling is selling. Find out what the customer wants and provide it. Rob


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