Cant Have it Both Ways

Write your elected officials and tell them to stop the hypocrisy !!!

You Cant have it Both Ways

US legislators praise abortion access in Mexico; article in the LC Sun on 5/29.  (Def). Abortion: the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy.  Same legislators who “weep” over the massacre in Uvalde praise abortion access in Mexico.  

When a mass shooting occurs, the first thing politicos check for is the race of the shooter. Then the race of the victims.  Followed by the age of the victims. If the shooter is white and victims are “people of color” the cause is “white extremism”. If it’s black on black or black on white crime, it’s just “another day”. And if the victims are school kids who have been “deliberately terminated” (murdered) the blame is on “mental illness and weapons of war”.   

So how can people and politicos celebrate and rejoice the “deliberate termination of a human pregnancy” (murder) resulting in death but condemn the “deliberate termination of 8 year olds?”   

From a very young age, girls are raised to demand the right to choose (get rid of it). Schools deliberately hide girls “constitutional right to choose” from the parents while parents buy their boys videos depicting “heads blown off” with “weapons of murder”. “Let’s see how many I can blow away”, kids “shoot” for.   

We raise kids to treat life as a disposable mask, build our kid’s thirst for “animated murder” but are shocked when we have yet another massacre by an 18 year old with a “weapon of war”.   

The sanctimonious hypocrisy from elected officials and “save our kids” hysteria is poured upon us. The blame is not the gun. We allowed kids to grow up thinking life is disposable.   

Either all human life is precious and valuable or not. You can’t have it both ways.   

Juan D Garcia
Las Cruces, NM 


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