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Friend,LATEST INVESTIGATION: Accuracy in Media went undercover to K-12 public school districts across North Carolina, a state fighting to stop Critical Race Theory from being taught in schools.Our investigators found that public school educators are still teaching CRT “under the radar.”[HELP US EXPOSE THE TRUTH]After parents find out educators are teaching certain CRT-associated concepts in taxpayer-funded schools, the educators just change the terms to keep on indoctrinating students.Sherry Barnett, a digital learning lead teacher at Rockingham County Schools, said they “are very careful with wording.” Since “privilege” gives people a “negative feeling,” they use words like “circumstance” instead.
CAUGHT ON CAMERA: When our investigators asked Barnett if they could still talk about systemic racism, social justice, and similar concepts in their public schools, she responded: “Absolutely.” She stressed that they’re “not banning books” or controversial concepts.Teachers and district staffconfirmed to our investigators that equity was indeed a part of the curriculum. Barnett noted that they even went through a diversity training where they learned the difference between “fair versus equal” and “equity versus equality.”[HELP US EXPOSE THE TRUTH]Multiple North Carolina school districts use an education subscription service called Newsela, which partners with leftist organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, Zinn Education Project, and the New York Times’ 1619 Project.They even use this in elementary schools, cementing it into impressionable young children.It’s clear: Taxpayer-funded schools are focused more on indoctrinating than educating students. And they are deceiving parents to push a radical agenda.Invest in AIM today to help us expose the truth.Thanks,Adam GuilletteAccuracy in Media


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