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Social and reproductive justice- or political hypocrisy. I was called out for highlighting crime and terror attacks on our small businesses.  Accused of not having “compassion” and using a “rhetorical strategy” with a BB showing the contrast of apparent wrong decisions and the other of a small business brutally attacked time after time by the LC criminal element. Reports to be confirmed of an attack through the roof on the same store the last few days…

Where is the “compassion” for the young girls who spoke here about wading through a maze of dirty needles and accosted by perverts? Or compassion for Miguel’s restaurant who suffered over 5K worth of damage by a criminal?  Third time. How many food plates do you think the owner will have to sell in order to make up the loss?  Or Avalos vision care who got hit for the second time ?  About 6K damage. Both Hispanic small businesses with owners who are serving the community and not playing the victim expecting a handout. What about the terror these victims of crime suffer not knowing if and when they will be attacked again? You talk of compassion- yet you celebrate with the governor the excitement of bringing in more houses of legalized murder. You want thriving abortion clinics. You had one of our state senators here talking of “housing” as a human right yet she was at the abortion rally promoting the right to kill the unborn. You want to help addicts- yet you promote the legalized addictive drug of marijuana ( Citation- available).

You had the governor here in town this weekend.  Did you address the crime issue and ask for help?  Have you spoken to the local state senators or reps? Or maybe it doesn’t fit the political narrative? It’s a question- The billboards highlighting the crime being experienced by innocent and true victims perpetrated by criminals who you often characterize and defend as “victims” of oppression, racism, poverty or addiction.  Where is accountability, responsibility and consequences?  Where is the judge the Mayor wanted to add to the municipal court ? In the meantime Las Cruces continues with a wave of terror being inflicted on its citizens and small businesses.  BTW, I pay for most of the cost of billboards out of my own pocket.  


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