CCIA IN Rio Rancho

I am Corrine Rios and I’d like to share with you a little bit about the reason for CCIA forming in the Albuquerque/Rio Rancho area, our vision, our mission, and our values.

I am frustrated. I am frustrated that my party:isn’t winning at the election booth and with legislationseem stuck on the same old waysdon’t seem interested in educating people, let alone their ownseem like an inclusive club only for the “good ol’ way” of doing thingsdon’t follow their own values and rules.To me, it seems that my party has left their foundation of God, Family, Country, Constitutionalism, Conservatism, and Patriotism. I am a firm believer in all of these.

I am also a firm believer in:History repeats itself.No question is a bad question.People left unaccountable, leads to destruction.Everyone has something to offer.We simply cannot continue to do the same things over and over and expect a different result.I know there are many many people who feel the same way I do. 

I was first introduced to CCIA about one year ago while I was Jay Block’s Campaign Manager.  Ever since then, they have been on my mind as I watched my party suffer big blows in November 2022.  In my county of Sandoval, there were 29 races up for grabs in November 2022. We,Republicans,LOST 24!  We had five wins and two of those races did not have a Democrat candidate! As I dug deeper, I found that we had 9 races that did not have a Republican running. In Sandoval we pat ourselves on the back for all the doors we knocked, rough estimates being tossed around are 30,000 doors.

And we only won three (3) out of 29!!???
 Something has to change.
In New Mexico, I now believe, in order for conservative ideas to win, we have to be about conservatism rather than party.   We do have many fellow New Mexicans and family members who do live a conservative life, not a republican life or democrat life. We need to connect with others based on our shared values of faith in God, conservatism, constitutionalism, and patriotism.
 We need to unite around values.
On January 26, 2023, I reached out to CCIA inquiring about an Albuquerque/Rio Rancho chapter after seeing the lack of integrity with people in my party at our Biennial Convention.
 And here we ARE!
Starting a new chapter of CCIA in the Albuquerque/Rio Rancho Area!!!

Join us and see how our frustrations can be turned for good!

At our first Informational/Organizational Meeting, April 1, 2023 (see flyer below) we will establish our Leadership Team and some Action Committees. If you’d like to be on the Leadership Team, you need to attend and self-nominate on the floor. Be prepared to speak.

Please join us EDUCATE, ENGAGE, REFORM our local communities!I’d LOVE to attend 4/1/23 RSVP


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