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CCIA ABQ/RR was a HUGE success! 
We had over 40 in attendance, with standing room only!!
From our new Chairman, John Watkins

I thought yesterday’s meeting was awesome to learn more about how we can be empowered and empower others to make real change for our and our kid’s future.  It was very exciting to see the amount of patriots that came out to learn more and be a part of the first steps towards that change.  I know that everyone in attendance appreciated Juan and the Las Cruces Team for taking the time to come up and visit and educate us. 

I am nervous of my new role, but know that GOD will guide and equip me to take this new challenge and make a change for His good.  I pray God will protect and guide us all.

As far as next steps, I think the leadership team should meet together ASAP and get on the same page before we have regular meetings. 

From Chairman of CCIA Las Cruces:
 April 1st was a great day for citizens of Las Cruces, ABQ and Rio Rancho who want to drive change in our communities and throughout the state through a smart, objective, and educated process that will encourage the engagement of all our community, and whose focus is derived from core conservative values, we will regain our rightful presence in all our communities.


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