Change We Must

Dear President Jaramillo, The primary question that all concerned educators must be asking is, “What is the purpose of education and with respect to all the customers it serves is it accomplishing that task?” I have offered the School Board members including yourself an extensive resource list on modernizing education and hope you have looked into some of the material. Today I am asking all to put on hold any efforts to return to what is being called “normal” so as to not continue down this tunnel vision non right path and reflect on what Michael P Horn offers in his newly released book, “From Reopen To Reinvent, (Re)Creating School For Every Child”. This is not about our children deserving better, it is that our children deserve the best from the least motivated to the most motivated. The system is not doing this. The path forward must be redesigning or actually reinvented so it can. In order for this to occur the way education is done must change. Michael offers that path forward. If we do not grasp it now and we allow education to return to what it was we lost the opportunity for meaningful change and as Ken Robinson offers in his animated version depicting “normal” education, children will just be dumped out into a world they are little prepared for. Sincerely, Rob Wood Mayors Homeless Task Force Advocate For Child Centric Education 575-635-0803


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