Child Regrets Transitioning Soon after Mastectomy & Hormones

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Subject:Child Regrets Transitioning Soon after Mastectomy & Hormones
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Real Talk with MarissaChild Regrets Transitioning Soon after Mastectomy & HormonesChloe Cole was 12 years old when she decided she wanted to be a boy. At 13, she started puberty blockers and testosterone. Two years later, she had a double mastectomy. At 16, she regretted her decisions but must live with the irreversible choices she made as a child. Chloe sits with CEO Marissa Streit to discuss her perilous journey while cautioning parents and youths about the dangers of the trans movement for children.Watch NowGet to know Marissa… A former educator, Marissa has been at the helm of PragerU since 2011. For behind-the-scenes content of PragerU’s operations and to take a peek at her day-to-day life raising her family, follow our fearless leader on Instagram: @themarissastreitMore ConversationsReal Talk:An Unfiltered Point of View from an Oxford Graduate & Indie RapperWatch NowReal Talk:A Pediatrician’s Advice on Parenting in the Age of “Woke”Watch NowReal Talk:Nikki Haley on Feminism, Parenting & Combating Victim MentalityWatch NowReal Talk:The Political Motivations to Deny the Bible’s Historical AccuracyWatch NowReal Talk:Fentanyl: The Drug That’s Killing Young AmericansWatch NowReal Talk:The Fight for Freedom inside IranWatch Now Copyright © 2022 PragerUAll rights reserved. 
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