Church Denominations

I really do not understand all the myriad of denominations. They are like Alcoholic Anonymous meetings where two people get a resentment, buy a coffee point and start another meeting. I guess they just never read the book or did and the light comes on that they are not following the New Testament or that church is and it makes them feel uncomfortable. This is how the Protestant Reformation came about as a result of the mass printing of Bibles following Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press in the 1400s. As far as I am concerned I do my best to attend a church that offers the New Testament as I found it written and does not drag a bunch of old Testament legalism into it so people feel that God has got their back. God left the earthly scene 400 years before the coming of the Christ. One would know that once they got past Malaki on their own. If more people read the Bible and mentally did a comparative study of what the implications of an Old and a New Testament was we would have a far more cohesive society. The devil loves confusion and enters ones mind and convinces them the Bible is too complicated for them to understand so they piece it out by what feel good or shame based message is taught at their church on Sunday and never fully read it for themselves. Not until the Second Vatican in the 1960s did the Catholic church even hint that people should read the Bible including their own leadership in training. It is a lot of words but in all reality it is super simple because in God’s language it is just one word. I can only say that because I read it. We need to hold church leadership accountable to what God’s Word says and not to what feels good or are shamed into believing. Of course a book reference: “The Ragamuffin Gospel” by Brennan Manning Rob Wood


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