city council arrogance

Dear Editor, I hope you were in attendance at yesterday (March 20) City Council meeting. The arrogance and disrespect shown by our City Councilors at yesterday’s meeting was appalling. A respected LC Citizen, Michael Potts, spoke on the unprecedented action that the councilors took at their last meeting in giving themselves the power without public input to rename streets because the name may offend one or more of them. Three of the councilors turned to each other and laughed during his comment presentation. Then to top that off the mayor chimed in later about the most impressive degree of intelligence he sees in the seated Councilors based on their university degrees. As far as I can see it is just an expression of the old categorization of highly educated people that take leadership roles. PhD= Piled higher and Deeper or just plain and simple, overeducated idiots educated beyond their intelligence. For them, they are all about power and control no matter what the citizens think. Rob Wood


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