City Council Over Reach – CALL TO ACTION

Engage your councilor….

City Council
I finished watching the joy exhibited in the celebration to authoritatively disregard the citizen’s wishes in order to impose your view of history.  Your assault on traditional language with the attempt to change, revise and erase American history that your ideology views as “offensive” is disappointing.  
You now have the “power” to deem what you view as “appropriate”, what words are “approved” in Las Cruces and have joined the national progressive purge of history and language being imposed throughout our great nation.  
So even if the citizens meet the threshold of 67 or 76% (wasn’t clear) that want to return the original name of a street, they live on, you will impose your will and ignore what the residents want. So why provide the option and just skip the charade.   
By the way, did anyone notice the comments made by the Adjutant of the Purple Heart of the significant and senseless damages to the ADA tables at the Veteran’s Memorial Park?   Not the first time this memorial park has been subject to the Las Cruces crime element……..
Juan D Garcia


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