Comment to Walt Rubel’s media commentary on RANK CHOICE Voting

Decide on a Mayor in this election and coattail the councilor that has the same ideologies or close to it. If you want a conservative leader, then use Rank Choice Voting & select the next conservative candidate in spot #2 of candidates. If you want RC to go away, Vote! Otherwise, you will be stuck with RC until a new council is elected to abolish the Resolution in the city charter to remove the legislation. Want your candidate to win? You have to vote using Rank Choice Voting.The city is spending thousands of dollars in advertising to promote their hopes that Rank Choice voting will give them the transitional candidate to keep the city spending your money the way they feel is best. If we look at the dollars spent on RC marketing would it be the same as the cost of a runoff election? The 2024 City Budget only available digitally (if the candidates don’t know when they get elected what projects are. The better! We as the CITY feel, if they don’t know, then can’t change anything for a year or more) besides, we have a lame duck mayor and progressive council until January 2024, so sliding Budget Adjustments for “pork projects” will be easy and the next elected candidates will never be able to change the spending of your dollars until 2025.So want a change? Use Rank Choice voting this year to elect your candidates and check the city website daily for strange BUDGET additions using federal funds meant for ALL but being used for only special groups.


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