Comments on Apology- participation in NM House and Senate hearings by citizens

Dear Friends,
I do not know what was said, but I agree GOP in NM House and Senate are BOTH outnumbered two to one, and participation in ALL NM House and Senate committee hearings, either by Zoom, or in person, is very critical—even if not reflected in the vote tallies, our Reps and Senators feel your support when they see/hear you voice your opinion about proposed legislation.
Even committee testimony is one-sided—if a LOT of interest is shown, each side might get total of thirty minutes or something.  
When I first went there, they at least pretended to listen to EVERYONE, no matter how many folks there were. Now it’s a certain amount of time allotted and WE always have to go FIRST, so THEY ALWAYS get in the last word.
Just like elections, it’s disgusting, but it’s the only game we have to play!  
Think what the Reps and Senators go through simply to get ELECTED, and THEN have to go through such a mockery of justice!
When good folks STOP RUNNING, though, you can kiss this state and nation goodbye.
God bless! Lisa
PS:  Anyone who wants to learn how to use to either monitor what’s going on there, or to participate in testifying during committee hearings, let me know. I will work with you AFTER NOV 7TH.


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