Considerations for the council

Ms Graham, thank you for your reply. My point was that you failed to answer the question you were asked. You were asked whether or not you were in favor of changing the language of gender pronouns in deference to the Woke clamor. You answered by saying what your response to someone’s preference was to honor that preference. You avoided taking a stand- my reason for my letter was to call attention to the fact that policy must be judged by whether or not it produces a positive result in society. Look at the results of progressive policies in the major Democratic cities. Do you want Las Cruces to degenerate into a Detroit or New Orleans? The hallmark of a rational person is the ability to recognize that an outcome of whatever choice is either good or bad and to continue the action or not. The hallmark of an ideologue is to insist that the choice must be right whether it produces a positive outcome or not. Society is a bell curve reflecting the success /failure ratio of its members. The quality of people’s lives varies according to many factors. When leadership is more focused on improving the lot of the bottom 5% than supporting the majority of the populace the majority suffers. I am urging you and the council to objectively consider the outcomes of your actions rather than be ideologues that cannot question your own policies.     Thank you. Jody Kincaid 

Good Evening –
Since part of this message mentioned me personally, I wanted to respond to that.
I stated clearly at the meeting you referenced that I honor whatever pronouns people choose for themselves. I faced considerable pushback on that from your group, so I’m not sure how you misinterpreted my stance. 
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From: Jody Kincaid <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, October 5, 2022 6:20:22 PM
To: Kenneth Miyagishima <[email protected]>; Kasandra Gandara <[email protected]>; Tessa Stuve <[email protected]>; Becki Graham <[email protected]>
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Subject: Considerations for the council City councilors of Las Cruces, as a member of CCIA I have written letters to you either recommending certain actions or protesting actions. It is easy to fall into a pattern of reactionary communication when considering issues, and when in a position of authority (as you are) it is easy for you  to simply ignore or deflect communication that you do not agree with. This was evident when Ms Graham joined us to discuss her positions ; she was pleasant ,cordial and open to discussion but she chose not to take a stand on any issue brought up. She would not even say if she personally, with an advanced degree in English, thought that the Woke emphasis on proper pronouns was appropriate.    I believe that the communication you collectively receive from conservative constituents is dismissed in the same manner, which brings me to the point of this letter. You all were recently feted at the Rising Star fundraiser as a group of “up and coming  Democrat leaders” and accompanied by a speaker described as ‘catapulting to PROGRESSIVE prominence’. Progressivism as a political stratagem has been influencing American politics for over a century. It has been behind the destruction of the American educational system. John Dewey said in the 1920’s that the schools should be a sieve for filtering out the students that deserve higher education and relegating the less apt to factories and menial jobs. Progressivism believes that the general population is too stupid to determine their own good. They must be ruled over by the intelligencia and told what to do,  what to believe and given no voice in their own government because they are not capable of intelligent action. This began with Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson and has culminated in our current administration.   How has America fared ? The progressive elite have squandered the global good will we earned in the world wars and now we have a failing economy, open borders, a breakdown of the social construct which enforced law and order, a loss of Constitutional rights and our country is being surrendered to Globalists who favor the Chinese model of population management. We are seeing the breakdown of our society here in Las Cruces. Crime , homelessness, drugs , and abortion tourism are not a good promotional issues for a city that wants to appeal to productive people. If you want to be ‘Rising Stars’ take a look at your political philosophy and recognize that identifying with Progressivism indicates a disregard for the will of the people and a disdain for public opinion that is incongruous with your oath of office and the responsibility that goes with it.    We are in a war for the future of our civilization and the battleground is in our homes, our cities, our schools and our political system. Progressives are not the good guys in this war. Please step up the fight against crime in our city- when there are essentially no consequences for bad behavior there is no reason for anyone to obey the law. When homeless issues are handled by throwing money at them you are encouraging more  homeless people to come. Poverty as the cause of all social problems is as specious as saying cow farts and cars are the cause of global warming. Work toward raising individual responsibility of disaffected individuals with a system that establishes consequences for bad behaviors and rewards for appropriate behavior. The fight against Progressivism can start here – you can do your part by examining your own philosophy of governance. You represent the people; you don’t rule them. Conservatism is not anti progress nor contrary to improving social conditions. It simply tries to learn from history to determine what may be effective policy.   Please consider this. Thank you       Jody Kincaid DVM ND CCIA

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