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Dear legislators, FYI. See Juan Garcia’s email below.  This is unbelievable, in our beautiful City.I used to work at the Solano Square Conoco at Solano & Missouri, pumping gas in the late 70s. My, have things changed.I now work at a small office across the street from the beleaguered Family Dollar.  The direct cause of this misery is the nearby Desert Hope apartments. By the way, the County has two board members and the City has two on the Mesilla Valley Public Housing Authority. They are managing the apartments. There are drug dealers living next-door to people who are trying to get off drugs. It’s untenable.I am respectfully requesting that you legislators contact City and County officials to hammer out a solution.V/RRick Reynaud, P.E.Lifelong Las Cruces resident.

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  Mayor, Councilors, Rep  Rubio:
The terror attacks continue against this beleaguered establishment on Solano/Missouri.  Same store that has been criminally victimized repeatedly.  Same store that has been highlighted in BBs.  
This happened last night….Reports of daily walkouts by the criminal element with a steady stream of theft continue….Imagine working there….
Reports of break in through the roof…..At some point this establishment will close…..Neighborhood will lose a convenience store and LC will gain some unemployed….
Of course the “blame” is on the “legislature” for their terrible laws. So what is being done to bring attention to our local state reps and senators ?  
Citizens are still waiting to hear on the results of Judge Ryan’s appointment.   When will he be “on the bench” ?
If there is a sense of urgency to turn the tide against crime in LC, the victims of crime are not seeing or feeling it……
Thank you…..



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