Here is where we stand with just eight days left to go in this year’s legislative session. If a bill is not listed here, while it isn’t dead yet, its path to passing has significantly narrowed with the clock running down. Nevertheless, we continue to monitor all gun bills and will send updates are needed.

HB9 – In a late-night floor session, the house concurred with the senate’s amendments to the bill. It now heads to the governor’s desk. This bill would charge a gun owner with a misdemeanor if a third-party minor uses their firearm to threaten or injure someone. There is a felony charge for the gun owner if a third-party minor uses their firearm to kill someone. The bill, in its final version, does not specify how a firearm must be stored, but instead allows for the method of storage be used as a defense for a gun owner charged with a crime under the bill. 

HB100 – The house version of a 14-day waiting period for firearm sales has been sitting on the Floor of the House for several weeks now with no vote taken. The bill could still be brought up for a vote, so we encourage you to keep up the pressure against the bill. Here is a pre-drafted email opposing the bill.

SB44 – The bill banning the open or concealed carrying of firearms within 100ft of a polling place while voting is taking place passed the House Judiciary Committee and is now waiting for a vote by the full house.

SB427 – This is the senate version of a 14-day waiting period. It is different from the house version in a few regards. It would impose criminal penalties on a FFL who didn’t hold the firearm for at least 14 days. It exempts someone who has a valid concealed carry permit from having to wait 14 days, they would be able to take the firearm home once they purchased it. Interestingly, in its current form, it actually exempts concealed carry permit holders from having to do a background check if they are purchasing a gun in a private firearm sale in New Mexico, undoing part of the private firearm sales background check law that passed a few years ago. The bill is now waiting a vote by the full senate.

SB428 – This bill was quickly rammed through the Senate Judiciary Committee this week with almost no time given to opponents to testify against the bill. It would make it easier to sue gun manufacturers and retailers who do business in New Mexico. Several FFLs have testified they may not be able to obtain insurance in New Mexico if the bill passes. The bill is now waiting a vote by the full senate.


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