CTA Referendum Petitions @KK

Referend petitions are available to sign on HB4, SB397, HB7, SB180 and SB13 at Kitchen Kraft.  We need to collect 15,000 signatures of Dona Ana County registered voters by 6/16 to stop these bills signed into Law by our Governor MLG from taking immediate effect and putting them back to the voters to decide on their merits. 
Better Together New Mexico logged over 1,100,000 callers and emails imploring their representatives from letting these bills become law. The legislators ignored these pleas when voting during the last legislative session.   This brings into question whether your opinion counted when they voted to pass these bills. BTNMs analysis was that these bills take away rights of voters, parents, establishes voting practices that open the elections up to greater fraud, and limits the oversight of elected officials and the transparency of our electoral process, among other things.
If you haven’t already signed, Kitchen Kraft has agreed to host a table to allow you to come sign the petition for Referendums. Lets get these bills on the ballot to be decided by the voters.  


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