CTA-1) Attack on the NMSU Conservatives 2) Removal of the Invocation from the County Commission


Fellow Conservatives
Invest about 5 minutes of your time and write….
The following Calls to Action are in response of an attempt to intimidate our brave young conservatives at NMSU and to the consideration of removing the invocation from the agenda during County Commission meetings.  
Sarah and I attended a large meeting at NMSU today whereas the focus did NOT include our young conservatives but instead on a protected class at NMSU the “Gang of 9” support and protect.  Inclusivity only applies to what the progressives define as “inclusive”. We went on the offense against 4 City Councilors on Monday during public input highlighting their involvement in this “strong arm” tactic.   https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2dGWg–aKYwaIaBwGZB3TYFG4XA_-g6w&si=QI9WACaPp8DIFlIN
Everyone who has attended a County Commission meeting knows the invocation is at the TOP of the agenda.  If we strongly urge the Commission to NOT add to the agenda for a vote, we may win.  If it makes it to the agenda, the likelihood of the invocation being removed, is very high.
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