DAC NDOP 23 April 2024

I was unable to attend yesterday due to an appt in Alamogordo.
Commissioner Sanchez– Disappointed you voted in favor of what is not the true spirit of the National Day of Prayer celebration.  You and your fellow Commissioners may not agree but we are seeing a true decay of our society. As part of the Equity Council, we visited Sierra Middle school today and there is a very common theme in our community and nationwide. Violence and total disrespect for our teachers, administrators and other kids is prevalent in many schools.  Coming from an extremely impoverished barrio, hearing and seeing these conditions is unreal to me.  One major difference we had then, that we dont have now, is God In our schools and its slowly being eradicated from our society.   Maybe God being removed has nothing with where we are today, but I would argue against it.
Commissioner Shaljo– I stated last year, all indications are you are wanting to impose your personal agenda in the county.  And so far, it appears you are succeeding.  You basically “hijacked” the proclamation and you turned into what you think it should be.   Also noticed God is no longer in the proclamation after it was removed last year.   Sad, but this is where we are.
Commissioner Reynolds– Thank you for voting against the proclamation yesterday.  
Thank you 
​Juan D Garcia
Coalition of Conservatives in Action (CCIA)


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