DAC Swearing In Ceremony – Dec 20

Good Morning,

I am emailing you a *Save-the-Date* for the scheduled official swearing in ceremony for the Regular Local Election for 2023. 

It is scheduled for:

Date:           Wednesday, 12/20/2023

Time:           10 a.m.

Place:           Doña Ana County Government Center

                    Commission Chambers

RSVP:          Cynthia Mendoza, Doña Ana County Clerk’s Communications Coordinato [email protected]

Doña Ana County Clerk’s Office holds a separate swearing-in of newly elected individuals that offers friends, families, and supporters the opportunity to attend and celebrate the momentous occasion.  We offer refreshments and secure a photographer for your use to commemorate the day. 

I know the different entities may have their own swearing-in and this is not meant to take the place of that, but again offer a festive environment in which the focus is the swearing-in and well-wishes from our community.  

Please rsvp if you would like to attend so we may have your oath ready for you. Additionally, I am emailing the municipalities/entities to ensure they forward to individuals, as we did not have an email address for everyone.  Additionally, if you would like to notify anyone in your organization that might attend, please do so.  An emailed initiation will follow next week.

Also to note, the Doña Ana County Commission certified the election last week, but please be aware all results are unofficial pending the Secretary of State’s Nov. 28th certification, as well as any pending recounts.

I hope you are able to join us!  Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Amanda Lopez Askin, Dona Ana County Clerk

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