DACFRW: Election Help

Team- We are all working towards common Goals. Shona did a great job in capturing the details. There is overlap that you can help CCIA with from the topics below,

Hello All,
I am finally getting around to writing an email about all the election help we need to offer GOP candidates THIS November and into 2024. So many of you came up to me after the meeting willing to help in different ways, and it was GREAT. The only bad thing was I didn’t have anything on which to record names. I will try to have sign-up sheets for the next meeting.
As I work at creating resource lists, I don’t have a full structure, yet. However, as people volunteer, and I learn from the NFRW Campaign School, it will all fall into place.
So, here are the needs I am asking for now:
Handwriters (thanks to all who talked to me about this after the May meeting…be sure to email YOUR name to me). Data shows that HANDWRITTEN envelopes are opened at a greater rate than pre-printed ones. Also, a handwritten thank you note helps a candidate stand out. We had several ladies who helped with this in the last election.
Someone to coordinate venues – am hoping to have several venues ready to host events like meet and greets so candidates do not have to make arrangements
People with financial experience/expertisePeople who know influential/notable peopleSomeone to solicit local businesses for support – this could include finding conservative business owners to help find auction items etc for fundraising purposes.
A social coordinator to help candidates find hosts/hostesses for private events – this could include helping candidates find in-home venues, and working with the venue coordinator to initiate restaurant events.
City Council and School Board Attendees – people are needed to go to city council and school board meetings to be eyes and ears for candidates. I watched the appointment of the new school board member and wrote down a few ridiculous things he said that might help a candidate run against him.
People people people to be on call – The Democrats can have their minions ready to overrun city meetings, protest, rallies…..GOP needs the same. We need people on a list that can be activated at a moment’s notice. We can beat the progressives at their own game….or, at the very least, show ’em we can play too.
Someone with media experience – this can include social media, newspaper, advertising, radie, anything! We need people who know the ropes so the candidates can campaign instead of trying to figure all that out.
Phone Callers
Door KnockersDrivers
People with mail/bulk mail experience.
People who can create flyers and do techy things
Maybe you have a talent or interest or expertise in something I have not asked for above. CONTACT ME!!! There are still 4 weeks of Campaign School left and WHO KNOWS what I will find out that we need.
Please help DACFRW create an army of election resources to help our candidates. We are quickly LOSING our country and we cannot sit idly by and let that happen on our watch. Think about your children and grandchildren. Think about the young conservative adults fighting on campuses like NMSU. Engage! They need us! They need us to fight for them. Please step up and sign up to do something. We can even discuss financial resources if that is something that works for you.
Please email me so I can put together resource lists to provide the people who are stepping up to run for local offices. People are committing and DACFRW doesn’t have much to offer yet. Help me build that army!!
Thank you SO much if you read through my plea!! You Rock!!

Shona Neff
President,Dona Ana County Federated Republican WomenNMFRW Chaplain


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