Deer in the Headlights

My Observation:
As I march on doorbelling hundreds of voters’ homes a week I am concerned and ponder why so many are the proverbial deer in the headlights, frozen, without the ability to critically evaluate situations. Their brains have been hijacked by the news feeds of the Progressives that want us that way because we are thus, easier to control.
This excerpt from a commentary by Victor Davis Hansen describes some of the ways our mind-locked state came to be. We are afraid to evaluate and judge anything for fear we will be classified into one of the oppressor categories the Progressive Democrats want us in so we stay locked onto the headlights and let the oncoming vehicle run us down, victims of our own failure to think.
Rob Wood
“George Floyd’s death and the 120 days of destruction, arson, riot, and death that followed, along with the radical recalibration of our institutions encapsulated the entire madness. A CNN hack, without evidence, could scream on the screen to the sequestrated locked in their homes that the police habitually murder the young, black, and innocent. Who cared to check Department of Justice data showing that of the 11 million people arrested a year on average, unarmed blacks were not disproportionally killed by police compared to unarmed whites?
For the housebound, soon George Floyd appeared with angelic wings and a halo on murals and posters from Washington to Kabul. All agreed that his death was preventable and due to police misconduct.
But it was deemed racist even to suggest that Floyd contributed mightily to his own predicament through ingesting fentanyl and, earlier, methamphetamines, through resisting arrest, through trying to pass counterfeit money, through a prior eight convictions, among which he had been imprisoned for a home invasion in which he put a gun to the stomach of a pregnant woman.
Do the haloed and winged stick firearms next to wombs?”
“America Delira”, VDH


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