Disappointed in LCPS

Mr Ramos
I attended the District Advisory meeting on Wednesday, 20 April 2022.  During the meeting, I submitted questions asking what the planned and projected changes (metrics) in math, english, etc… were to determine how the “enriched learning” (extended calendar) is going to improve the competency/proficiency levels and favorable improvement on truancy. 
 A similar question was asked during the Extended Calendar Town Hall FAQs with a response from Ms Tomlinson, who stated More days give students more opportunity to engage with academic standards.  As Ms. Jameson notes, we will examine the data as it becomes available.”  In other words there is no forecast just “lets see what happens” by adding 10 days and spending 10+ million $$.
My questions (attached) were misrepresented publicly by LCPS. No where did I state “are you going to collect data”. You indicated you would respond to my written questions.  No response to date.
Based on a lack of full transparency, my conclusions are as follows:

  1. LCPS has no plan focused on improvements. I believe this is why my questions were misrepresented with no plan to accurately respond to the public and parents.
  2. During the planning for the extended calendar, why didn’t LCPS factor and publish projected metrics for improvements on math, english, truancy, graduation rates, etc.. which are very critical to future success. And if there are no projected metrics, publicly state it.
  3. LCPS didn’t publish the projections because they didn’t want to be held publicly accountable or want to be measured on this social experimentation.
  4. LCPS knew the “enriched” days were part of the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) agenda with no expected favorable changes to improve the competency/proficiency in the core subjects or graduation rates.
  5. LCPS School Board failed to ask for the same projected improvements for the 2022/23 school year in order to appease the PED (and spend the money) with forced SEL  implementation.



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