Drop The Lies and Hate

To: Brian Egolf,
Javier Martinez,
Joy Garratt,
Angelica Rubio,
Harold Pope Jr. Michael Potts
Las Cruces New Mexico
24 May 2022

Dear Recipients of this letter,

It was with outrage and ire that I read your combined letter to the Citizens of New Mexico in the LC Sun News, Sunday May 22nd. I take extreme umbrage and am piqued at the petulance you exhibit in writing such trash. Your egomaniacal, conceited diatribe shows how far the Democratic Party has fallen in the State of New Mexico.
As do a multitude of elected Democrats down here in the Southern part of the state you failed miserably in checking your facts or having any idea of what you are talking about. Allow me to provide you with some information and facts that you should have been able to glean by searching the internet.
You start out by “Joining a Nation in Mourning for the loss of 10 lives in Buffalo N.Y.” You don’t bother to mention the other three people that were shot, two of them being WHITE! Why did you not bother to mention that? You also want to blame White Supremist and declare that this was an act of TERRORISM against Blacks. Why, because Attorney General Garland said it was? Garland, an avowed Democrat that fully supports Democratic Socialism and Ideology has his problems, that is for sure. To further inform you of the TRUTH of the matter I have included the following information for you. I hope you embrace the truth when you hear it but I don’t count it likely.

As per Fox News
FBI Buffalo Special Agent-in-Charge Stephen Belongia said that the manifesto claimed the alleged killer was working alone and was not a member of a political group or organization, and that he claims in the document that he is a white supremacist.
What are the hateful lies that you say motivated the killer in Buffalo? If you are speaking about the fact that “The author attributes the internet for most of his beliefs and describes himself as a fascist, a White supremacist and an anti-Semite,” then you should place blame on the articles that you can google and find on the NET! Anyone can google those items but one must be mentally unstable to try and use what one has read to justify such a heinous act. You failed to say just what those lies were, but you didn’t mind using that rhetoric in your joint statement!

Accuracy in Media (Center for investigative Journalism): Black Criminals, White Victims, and White Guilt – Accuracy in Media (aim.org) This report states” The media have relentlessly fanned the flames of racial hatred, while engaging in a systematic pattern of misinformation and blatant suppression of facts surrounding the perpetrators and victims of crime.

As a result, so-called “criminal justice reform” is now being proposed to release more criminals from jails, supposedly to make amends for the unjust “mass incarceration” of black men. A DEMOCRATIC initiative!

TownHall opinion article asks this question “When it’s Black on White Crime the left goes color blind” see article: When It’s Black on White Crime the Left Goes Color Blind (townhall.com). This article states: “Why is it that when whites engage in violent acts against blacks, many on the left assume that those criminal acts must be hate-based, but when the tables are turned and the violence is black on white, many on the left no longer see color, looking for any explanation other than racial hate? Why the double standard?
According to CNN’s Don Lemon, the horrific kidnapping and torture of a mentally disabled white man by a group of four blacks – who had the audacity and stupidity to air it on Facebook live –wasn’t really evil.
Responding to Matt Lewis, who had commented on the extreme “evil” nature of the crime, Lemon replied, “I don’t think it’s evil. I don’t think it’s evil. I think these are young people, and I think they have bad home training.”

Not evil? Seriously? Just young people with bad home training?

You continue in your diatribe with Stating that the Republican Candidates keep trying to outdo each other with lies about dangerous “illegals” entering our country. If you read this article: Criminal Noncitizen Statistics Fiscal Year 2022 | U.S. Customs and Border Protection Preview (cbp.gov) you will find that since 2016, 51,526 Criminal Illegals have been apprehended by the Border Patrol. That does not include the drug runners, the human traffickers, the smugglers, that have not been apprehended. Since October of 2021 the following Drug Seizures have been taken.

Monthly U.S. Border Patrol Nationwide Checkpoint Drug Seizures


Terrorist Screening Database Encounters

This table provides a summary of OFO encounters of all persons at ports of entry with records within the TSDB at the time of their encounter.

FY17FY18FY19FY20FY21FY22 Oct-Apr
Office of Field Operations TSDB Encounters at Land Border Ports of Entry of All Nationalities*
Southwest Border1161552807210342
Northern Border21719625812454115
U.S. Border Patrol TSDB Encounters Between Ports of Entry of Non-U.S. Citizens
Southwest Border26031535
Northern Border003010
Percentage of Total USBP Encounters0.0007%0.0015%0.0004%0.0007%0.0010%0.0029%

This is only at Border Patrol entry points. What about illegal entry of aliens that have not been caught? You Democrats do not seem to understand or want to even try to understand what the word ILLEGAL means. The United States has a policy in place for individuals wanting to become citizens. They are to come to an OFFICIAL Port of Entry to come into America. Those individuals that come across the Rio Grande or Cross our Northern Border or are smuggled into America from Asian Nations are ILLEGAL. You need to try and wrap your head around the word ILLEGAL. The Democrats are so opposed to enforcing our OWN LAWS that it makes one sick to think of what they intend to do to our country.
As a Republican and an individual that seeks to help Republican Candidates on their quest for election, your statement “Republican Candidates send coded messages to New Mexico Voters, claiming falsely that new arrivals to New Mexico are a Threat and that minority groups are to blame for all that ails Society”. This is so blatantly false and such a big lie that I am surprised you can live with yourself for perpetuating such an untruth. There isn’t one Republican that I am associated with that espouses to a “GREAT REPLACEMENT” theory. That is just a crock of crap and somehow, I am not surprised that it comes from your mouths.
When you state “However, we are seeing more and more people in positions of power use coded (and occasionally, not-so-coded) language to stoke fear and racial division that tears at the fabric of our community. WHAT! This is sounding like you are speaking of the Democratic Party that exists right now in the Great State of New Mexico.
From the Governor shutting down small businesses because big box stores have her in their back pocket, to mask mandates that made no sense at all, to the Secretary of State shirking her duty to place before the people legal referendums that have all necessary signatures because she has grabbed her reins of power and has forgotten that it is the PEOPLE that put her in her position.
Too often have we seen the Democrats embrace the Communistic / Socialist ideology of Karl Marx and force it down the throats of the citizens of New Mexico. Too often have they skewed the words of Republicans to cause hatred and misconceptions of what Republicans stand for. Too often have the Democrats ignored the Constitution and the words and ideals of our Founding Fathers. Too often have they declared something isn’t constitutional when what they speak of is not even in the Constitution. Your sojourn into Socialism is bound to be the downfall of the American ideal. Your Commitment to Critical Race Theory and your swearing up and down it is not being taught or weaseled into our schools is a crock of crap because we can see from the verbiage used when speaking of Equity and Diversity that it IS being placed into schools via the new Social Studies Curriculum. These are Democratic LIES that must be stopped.

These are sure signs you have diverged into Socialism. Your pressing for LGBTQ and transgender changes goes against Social Norms and again shows an advanced decline into the Communist / Socialist ideals of Karl Marx. Adherence to the Constitution and all the Articles therein is not in your playbook.

You have no real idea of why the second amendment was placed in our Constitution and yet you seek to destroy the very fabric of our Country by abolishing this and other articles. You have NO Understanding of the Electoral College or why our founding fathers included that institution within our Constitution. You Democrats have gone out of your way to promote Abortion which is deplorable and goes against the Society in which we live.
To conclude, We Republicans and true Patriots and faithful Americans demand that you cease with the Lies that continue to flow from your lips. We agree with you when you state that we URGE our fellow elected leaders and political candidates to drop the lies and focus on building a better New Mexico…………but those elected leaders you accuse of lies and deceit are staring back at you when you happen to look into the mirror each day. Romans 2:1 says it very well “First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.


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