dt spa brake-in & methhousefire

Last night, fire at gang-meth house on n sanpedro by court.The neighbors told me they hear a pop-explosion (via the meth).the toxic chemicals were all thru the air and reached my place 3 blocks s.The explosion went thru the roof they said.So, another historic mesquite building ceases.I got there as first-responder vehicles arrived;the ambulance was waiting, but fire hydrant was really rusty in getting open,;but the sun news said no occupants were inside.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(from troy)  ….. With the break-in of the Spa Downtown, a question comes to mind.  Why does the city place more importance on their Christmas decorations being protected than they do on ensuring our Downtown businesses are safe?  They seem to find money to have someone guard their decorations on the Plaza, but tell us they are in a budget shortfall.  I was downtown El Paso for their Winterfest on Sunday and there was a police presence nearly everywhere.  I didn’t go more than 10 minutes without seeing law enforcement.  I am tired of the city of Las Cruces giving us lip service and empty promises.  I have been telling the city about these issues for years now.  I have had meetings with the mayor, councilor Gandara, and the city manager Ifo Pili.  Even when the police officers know the criminals, little to nothing ever comes from it.  The person who was breaking windows might get two weeks… if the judge doesn’t take leniency on him.  Meanwhile the business owners are stuck footing the bill to replace the broken windows and doors.  Even with insurance there is typically a deductible.  Don’t forget, if you have too many claims the insurance company can cancel your policy.  When will the city take the same kind of action to protect our businesses as they do to protect their Christmas decorations!  This is ridiculous and the only way they are gonna respond is if we approach them as a group.  The media should be made aware of this issue.  These are not isolated incidents, they are becoming the norm.  Troy of zia comics.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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