Dumb and Dumber

Real Life Church (old Kmart on El Paseo) sent out an email asking congregants to attend the City Council meeting and voice their displeasure of a cannabis dispensary being opened in the old restaurant at the edge of its parking lot. Seemed really an odd request since Walgreens who sells liquor and drugs that are purchased illegally by enterprising addicts and distributors is at the opposite side of the parking lot. I wonder if Walgreens protested the Church going in next to their liquor store because it might affect liquor sales. 
The greed for tax revenue overrides any common sense. Creating more laws to constrain other laws (that should have not been created) is just furthering our decline into an authoritarian society. Ref “The Law” by Bastiat written in1860.
As far as cannabis stores Forbes Magazine offered a pretty realistic picture of the failure as far as reducing illegal distribution goes on how they are playing out. As far as our City Council goes I will quote Forest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does”.
Weed vs. Greed: How America Botched Legalizing Pot – Forbeshttps://www.forbes.com › willyakowicz › 2022/08/02
Rob Wood


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