Economic Opportunity for Youth: Letter to Mayor & City Mgr

Dear Mr Mayor,cc: City Manager Pili
I hope you will take the opportunity to review this video on how to create advantage for our youth. Without meaningful industry to partner with doing it on our own is futile because there still remains no opportunity. Without hope the heart grows sick.
As follows is my letter to the Las Cruces Bulletin. I know when you get to the end you will reply with “We have great schools”. To that I can only say, compared to what?
Dear Editor,
“You can’t build a great community on low paying jobs”
From the moment I moved to Las Cruces in 2001, I saw that there was very little economic opportunity for those aspiring to improve their quality of life. As Airport Advisory Board Chair I pushed to get the city to engage in seeing the opportunity our airport offers for aviation-related industries and reaching out to industry to locate here and tying the West Mesa Industrial Park to it and them. We have a great airport that is so underutilized because of the lack of vision regarding furthering economic opportunities. All that one has to do is go down to the Dona Ana Jetport in Santa Teresa and ask why have they experienced such growth and not us. To me it is apparent, it all revolves around a Las Cruces mindset that it is easier to govern a poor uneducated population than one that is blossoming due to life-enriching opportunities. Without quality opportunities for our youth to prosper all the problems we experience from accepting poor quality schools, youth/adult drug use, crime and homelessness will just continue unabated because the only growth industry is the management of those negative outcomes. 
Rob Wood


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