What confuses me about the Education Committee is that there are no teachers on it or advising it. School Boards set policy and manage money, Superintendents pass policy and financial constraints on to the district school administrators who pass it on to individual school principals to come up with ways to implement policies in their school and then principals turn that over to the teachers to make it happen with the resources given them.
There needs to be educational advisors on this committee that are actually in education, not at an administrative district level or retired but in the actual schools themselves. The teachers are the key to this whole conflict and they need to trust this group as to having their back in fighting for a better educational system they can choose to work in. 
With such a void I keep suggesting outside resources put out by people on the ground trying to implement actual change that is student centered. It all has to do with mindset which is defined by what we feed into our minds. I follow the podcasts amongst other resources to hear from others that are in the change. I use the grocery store method as I do not agree with everything I hear and thus only take what I need. But who knows, maybe down the road I find I want to try and discover I like something I never considered before. As with all of life education needs to be framed in discovery with inquiry as the method forward. This is true for children and adults.
Take the time to listen to podcast 83 from Hawaii and 82 from Boise, ID with someone involved in educating children and let’s get some dialogue going on not just what we don’t want but what we do want in K-12 to help children be successful not just today but in a future they or us cannot even comprehend.


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