Elected Officials Bond Challenges

Sarah- I heard at the CCIA meeting that you were going forward with the plan to attach the bonds of school board members that have not fulfilled their oath. I applaud that. I am reading ‘the deliberate dumbing down of America’ by Charlotte Iserbyte.  She references a Supreme Court case Torcaso v.Watkins(367 U.S. 488)1961 in which it was said that neither a State or the Federal government can force anyone to profess belief or disbelief in any religion. The kicker is that they enumerated several religions both Western and Eastern and included Secular Humanism under the definition of a religion. This would , in my mind, constitute a violation of the Constitution ( which they swore to uphold and defend) when they force social justice, equity and other social issues on the students. I hope that this supports your efforts.

Later Jody Kincaid


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