Good evening.

Would like to know if you would be interested in knowing what has been taken place in Dona Ana County regarding a group of citizens that have been copying, inspecting and counting ballots at the Dona Ana County Warehouse. To let you know we have found 100’s into the1000’s of missing ballots from precinct boxes that were supposed to be secured by our County Clerk for 22 months. This would be the start of our story. Can we prove? Pretty well. We are not here to claim fraud, misdeeds, but possibly the worse run and non transparent election in the last couple of years, possibly in history. It is not for us to determine nefarious workings within our governments but for law enforcement to do these deeds. 
May I say the elections have always been bad but this time we worked at getting to the truth. 
We have a story to tell in several segments as we uncover discrepancies in the handling of the 2020 election in Dona Ana County and hope this email reaches you. I do hope you at least reach out to me, an acknowledgement of receiving this email.
Thank You


David McDaniel

Member of CCIA, small business owner Las Cruces NM.Cell # 575-640-7921


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