Endgame for the Bidens’

By: Bill O’Reilly

December 15, 2023

As we reported on Thursday’s No Spin News, Hunter Biden could very well bring down his father, the President. At this point, the influence-peddling of the Bidens is undeniable, with tens of millions of dollars enriching the family. No known services were provided to secure that money. Now, Hunter has defied a congressional subpoena and should face even more criminal charges for doing so. Trump associate Steve Bannon was convicted of a federal crime for doing exactly what Hunter Biden did on Thursday. Even worse than the defiance is President Biden’s apparent approval of it. White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre clearly stated that Joe Biden knew what Hunter was going to do and say. How can this be? The President of the United States standing mute while his son blatantly commits a crime? Remember, all Hunter had to do was attend the deposition and use the Fifth Amendment to stand down. I believe the endgame has begun for the Biden administration. The country understands the grifting situation and that, combined with the border, higher prices for essentials, and the President’s physical and mental decline, will make it impossible for him to continue in office much longer. It will not be a joyous Christmas season at the White House. Enjoy the weekend. New column on Sunday.


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